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61st Annual 12 Hours Of Sebring: The Start

This is it. Race day. 42 cars are ready to take the world's wildest road course, fighting for five class wins from day into night. In the end, only about half will be left. The very last Sebring of the LMP1 era is upon us, and Jalopnik's bringing it to you live. Professional racing driver and part time ALMS competitor Ryan Eversley is here to help Jalopnik with a live blog below. This post covers hours 1 through 4, the start. Enjoy.

(title photo via Trevor Andrusko, Track9 Media)

10:36 AM, RE: Excited to be helping with the live blog today! Sebring is an absolute party so this should be quite an event!

10:30 AM, 9146: SPEED is live from Sebring! Sam Posey's doing a voiceover. I guess he's working for both SPEED and NBCSN now, not that I'm complaining!

10:25 AM, 9146: I've just added a new feature at the bottom of the page: an "R U Faster Than A Redneck?" counter. Every time that show is advertised in any way, I'll add to the tally.

10:22 AM, 9146: Now they're showing some in-studio driver interviews, and Marcos Ambrose is rocking a beard and a polar fleece, neither of which I've ever seen before.

10:16 AM, 9146: Actually, looks like 15 minutes of NASCAR filler from Bristol before that. No, not practice. Literal filler. They're in a studio at the track showing highlights of races from the 80s when this track was completely different.

10:15 AM, 9146: All posts marked with "9146" are written by myself, all posts marked with "RE" are written by Mr. Eversley. The green flag drops around 11:00 AM local time. Until then, SPEED preshow. But hey, it's a SPEED preshow with Bob Varsha, so I can't really complain.

"R U Faster Than A Redneck?" Counter: 1

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