miércoles, 3 de abril de 2013

The Baffling Story Of The "NO IN DA BUTT" Ford Escort GT

Growing up as a kid who loved cars, I have many memories of certain influential cars I used to see around in Greensboro, NC. There was the pristine beige '66 Beetle in my neighborhood, the MGA I saw on the way to fifth grade every day, and I think I knew where all two of Greensboro's Fiat Stradas were in the 1980s. But the one that's been on my mind recently is much stranger: a late '80s Ford Escort GT covered in anti-sodomy stickers.


via Jalopnik http://jalopnik.com/the-baffling-story-of-the-no-in-da-butt-ford-escort-g-467829084

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