jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013

Do These Gauges Imply That The 2014 Corvette Will Get Forced induction?

The folks at Corvette7 got to sit in a pre-production 2014 Corvette prototype, and they noticed it has two PSI gauges. Does this prove that forced induction is in the Stingray's future?

It would be no surprise for GM to add a supercharger to the Corvette for some future variant. That's what they did to the current ZR1.

We've seen these supposed boost gauges in other photos of the new 'Vette, but these are possibly the best ones we've found yet.

We're just dreaming of twin turbos. What do you think these gauges imply?

(Hat tip to J S!)

Photo Credit: Corvette7

via Jalopnik http://jalopnik.com/453713598

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