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61st 12 Hours of Sebring Live Blog: The Finish

Seven hours are down, five remain. Audi seems to have a dominant hold on the top spot overall, but both of their cars have some irregular wear and tear. In GT, it's as tight a battle as ever, with five separate manufacturers having lead in the first half of the race. The Pro-Am classes are producing great racing as well, even if the SPEED cameras aren't showing it. Ryan Eversley and I continue the live blog below.

(photo via Trevor Andrusko)

3:28, 9146: HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE hit for the #23 Ferrari. the AJR car of Bill Sweedleer has HAMMERED the wall, moving it back a foot. The car is destroyed, but the firewall isn't breached and Sweedler seems okay. The hit came thanks to failure on the car. Full Course Caution, obviously.

3:21 PM, 9146: Westbrook spins the #23 Ferrari! The #4 Corvette will be getting a stop-and-sixty penalty any minute now. That will promote the #91 Viper to the top spot.

3:09 PM, 9146: The #8 LMPC of BAR1 Motorsports has a long stop, with new bodywork going on the front. Meanwhile, the Deltawing after it's issues:

3:03 PM, 9146: yet another issue for an ESM HPD, this time thanks to some contact from the #6 Muscle Milk car. This will likely be another penalty for the 6.

5:56, 9146: Another issue for Audi, but this one's fairly minor: Allan McNish's drinking straw broke! It's not a massive distraction, but it does indeed look strange on the onboard.

5:50, 9146: The Audi lead has officially grown to 3 laps. Meanwhile, Goosens and Westbrook are dueling for the GT lead. Corvette vs Viper, the great rivalry of the late 90s and early 2000s, is finally back.

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