jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013

I Love The Details (And The New Bike) From Morgan

Morgan had their biggest stand yet at the Geneva Motor Show, and everything they make was there. So why did I choose this image to illustrate my point?

It's the tire. That's some Avon rubber there. Of course on more performance oriented Morgans, you get Continentals or sticky Yokohamas, but with the Roadster, you get the British brand, just like you get biscuits with your tea. That's such a lovely detail that I won't even start talking about the metal piece holding it in place. You either get what Morgan is doing, or you don't. I love the brand, and I each time I got to see one of their cars, suddenly there's a big smile on my face. I also want to visit the factory at some point.

Check out the pictures below, and in case you've missed it from before, the bike on that home-made rack is called the Morgan Two. They only made fifty of them, and they're built around a double butted steel frame manufactured by Foffa of London, featuring Brooks saddles and grips, Sturmey Archer’s duo-matic 2-speed hub and a Shimano Tiagra front caliper so you can stop speeding when the Rozzers are around. The best of Britain indeed.

via Jalopnik http://jalopnik.com/453558299

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