jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013

Best Engineering Photography of 2012 Is Explosively Awesome

There is nothing more awe-inspiring than the sight of a city being built -- or destroyed. And that's the point of the photographs in the Engineering News-Record's collection of the best photographs from last year. Check out some incredible shots of enormous machines, magnificent engineering projects, and the people who make them happen.

Here are the credits for the top image:

Photographer: Emilio Filippelli

Title: Pecorone Viaduct, Lauria, Italy

Photographer: Stephen SetteDucati

Title: Pontiac Plant demolition, Pontiac, Michigan USA

Photographer: Wendy Whittemore

Title: Storm Drain Installation, Charleston, TennesseeUSA

Photographer: Louw Swanepoel

Title: Low-pressure headrace tunnel, Ingula, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Photographer: Nicky Almasy

Title: Shanghai's Triplets, Shanghai, China

Photographer: Martin Chandrawinata

Title: San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge, California, USA

Photographer: Javier Conte

Title: Panama Canal Third Set of Locks Project, Panama Canal, Panama

There are dozens more amazing images over at the Engineering News-Record.

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